Below you will find our terms and conditions concerning delivery,
modification or cancellation of order and claim on defective items. The
following general terms and conditions regarding sale and delivery
apply to the extent that they are not deviated from a written agreement
between the parties and apply to all offers, order confirmations, sales
and deliveries made by DeluxeHomeart ApS.

DeluxeHomeart has the right to change their prices, unless another
agreement has been made.
The quoted prices are from DeluxeHomeart ApS’ address and are
exclusive vat.

The payment must be made within the date stated on the invoice. If the
payment hasn’t been made within the stated date, DeluxeHomeart ApS
is entitled to claim interest on the amount due 1,8% per commenced
month of the balance at any time from the time of delivery and until the
payment has been made. Failure to pay after the due date may result in
surrender for debt collection without further notice
The customer is not entitled to withhold any part of the purchase price
as security for fulfillment of DeluxeHomeart ApS’ obligations, just as a
delay with insignificant part of the delivery won’t entitle the customer to
withhold payment.
If goods that, according to an agreement or a contract, are to be
delivered on an exact date, are not accepted by the customer within a
reasonable time, DeluxeHomeart ApS may after own choice, have the
goods sold at the customers expense, after advising the customer or
store the goods at the customers expense, so the customer must pay
the costs associated with the storage. Regardless of the delay in
receipt, the customer is in any case obliged to pay the stimulated
payment upon due date. When stored, the goods are at the customer’s

At the customer’s request, DeluxeHomeart ApS is obliged to keep
confidential information that DeluxeHomeart ApS receives regarding the
customers business. The customer undertakes to keep any information
regarding DeluxeHomeart ApS confidential, unless the information is
generally available to third parties.
The parties secrecy obligations persist after other parts of the
agreement have been terminated.

Claims and defects
The customer is urged to, as soon as the goods have arrived, to carry
out an examination as proper business use requires. However, it is a
condition that these defects have not arisen as a result of incorrect use
of the product or other harmful behavior that has led to the defect. We
will naturally exchange or credit defective or incorrectly delivered goods
free of charge. We do not take items back that are price marked. We
only accept returned items, that are in original undamaged packaging.

The claim must be submitted to DeluxeHomeart ApS’ customer service
no later than 4 weeks after receiving the order.

Modification and cancellation of orders
A change of current orders must be made within 14 days of receiving
the order confirmation. Please note, that in case of cancellation of the
order later than 14 days, 20 percent of the order amount will be

All orders are expected to be delivered with DHL or GLS

Delivery time
The stated delivery time is approximate and subject to delay due to
strikes, lockouts, war, mobilization, confiscation, currency restrictions,
barriers to transport, restrictions on propulsion, fire, missing or defective
deliveries from subcontractors or reasons beyond DeluxeHomeart ApS’
control, and the delivery time will be postponed by a corresponding
number of days to the obstacle. Delivery for the postponed delivery time
is at all times considered timely in all respects. If the delivery time is
stated as a certain number of days or weeks, the period will be
calculated from the time when DeluxeHomeart ApS has received all the
exact information’s from the customer. If the customer does not meet
any overdue payment obligations, the delivery time is postponed by a
period corresponding to the delay of the payment in question.
However, if a delay occurs for reasons other than those mentioned
above, this does not entitle the customer to cancel the whole
transaction or a part of it, or enforce other defaults rights against
DeluxeHomeart ApS, unless the delay is to be considered significant,
and DeluxeHomeart ApS has not made delivery within 14 days after
receiving a written request from the customer. No compensation can in
any case be required to cover the customers operating losses, profit
losses, daily fines or other indirect losses.

Force majeure
DeluxeHomeart ApS is not responsible to the customer, when following
circumstances occur after the conclusion of the agreement, and
prevents or postpones the fulfillment of the agreement: war and
mobilization, riots, terrorist acts, natural disasters, strikes and lockouts,
shortages of goods with DeluxeHomeart ApS’ subcontractors as well as
deficiencies or delays in deliveries from subcontractors, fire, lack of
transport options, currency restrictions, import and export restrictions,
death, illness or resignation of key persons, computer viruses or other
circumstances which DeluxeHomeart ApS have no control of. In this
case, DeluxeHomeart ApS is entitled to defer delivery until the
impediment to fulfillment has ceased or alternatively cancel the whole
agreement free or partly.

Product responsibility
DeluxeHomeart ApS is not responsible for damages to real estate or
movables by the buyer or third parties. DeluxeHomeart ApS is not
responsible for operating losses, loss of earnings or other indirect
losses of the buyer or third parties.